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We don't do Thanksgiving around these here parts, but what the hell, I'll join in. I'm thankful that I'm not working for a boss, or commuting two hours a day. Even on a bad day when I temporarily hate the path I've chosen, I can always remind myself of what that was like.
I'm thankful to have people reading my comics, and reading this blog - and that those of you who came to the blog through the comics page put up with me.
I'm thankful for social democracy, whose safety nets made quitting my job possible. I'm thankful for entrepreneurs like Joey Manley, because people like him will enable me to go on with this career.
I'm thankful for the Koga Miyata, which is a joy to ride even on my short nighttime commute. I'm especially thankful for its functional lights whose cables are mounted securely into the frame, because having those helped me avoid a € 25 fine the other day (as well as keeping me safe on treacherous roads).
I'm thankful that my 63-year-old mom knows what "LOL" means, but more thankful that she doesn't overuse it.
(I'll update this if I can think of more)


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