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"Boobgate" actress has blog, swears like trooper.

Actress Georgina Verbaan, whose breasts have dominated the less serious side of the Dutch media for the past couple of days, has a weblog, which is actually a pretty good read. Of course, scurrilous tongues will soon suggest that it's actually written by her publicist, doing his impression of the untutored but lively writer that people would imagine Georgina to be; but a woman who will go as far as to have a mammogram to prove her breasts are real won't have any problem shutting those scurrilous tongues up.
Anyway, there are only a few entries but if she continues blogging after the scandal dies down, it could become one to come back to regularly.

And before I knew it she grabbed my left breast, pushed it onto a machine and started twirling a knob so that a plate came down. Yes, down, onto my breast. I thought it couldn't go any further down and decided to ask: "This must be about as far asaaaaaaaaaoooooooow!!!?" With gritted teeth and a sweaty brow I looked down, and through the transparent plastic I saw an, uhm, EGG CAKE? My dear breasty had changed into a big puddle of flat tit! This couldn't be right - if I didn't have any lumps before then, uh...

(A young woman's first mammogram. Original quote below the fold)
Georgina can also swear like a trooper which this country needs desperately right now. I'm not going to translate that though.

En voor ik er erg in had pakte ze mijn linkerborst beet, duwde hem op een apparaat en begon aan een ding te draaien zodat er een plaat naar beneden kwam. Naar beneden ja, op mijn borst. Ik dacht dat 'ie niet verder kon en besloot het haar te vragen; 'Dit is het wel zo'n beetje hèèèèèèèèèèauauauauauauw!!!?' Ik keek met knarsende tanden en een bezweet voorhoofd naar beneden en zag door het doorzichtig plastick een ehm EIERKOEK!? Mijn lieve borstje was veranderd in een grote plas platte tiet! Dit kan niet goed zijn, als ik nog geen gezwellen had dan eh.


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