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welcome Cleveland, on this sunday afternoon

It was probably afternoon in Cleveland, but we were several thousand miles away in Groningen, where it was, in fact, night. Weary of touring, probably, Rachel Nagy, lead singer of retro garage rock band the Detroit Cobras greeted the audience thus, with a wink and a smile, and a puff of her cigarette. Smoking incessantly, drinking steadily and looking almost bored, her performance was nevertheless entertaining. The Detroit Cobras are a coverband playing '50's Rock 'n Roll and Soul in their unique garage rock way. Standing there looking so blas´┐Ż I sometimes wondered how Rachel Nagy would sound when actually interested in singing: though her attitude is more likely a pose and her singing was pretty amazing as it was. At times raw, sometimes suave, often beautiful.
In that light it is worth mentioning the opening act of the evening, studio-mate Josje's band the Monroes. Same genre, '50's and '60's inspired Garage Rock, Josje's voice has less range than Rachel Nagy's, though is somewhat sexier. Also Josje's stage appearance is far more enthousiastic. That she's having fun on stage was obvious and this being their first major gig, they did great. If the Monroes manage to get their sound right, they'll be a band to watch. Go Josje!

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Sure it was a pose. There were moments when the mask slipped, but this band had a very disciplined act. Just consider the huge contrast between the singer and the musicians. The musicians were dressed in dark colors and were so scruffy as to look ape-like. Including the female guitarist who was very much one of the guys. The singer, though, was dressed in a yellow shirt and practically lit up on the stage.
Speaking of lighting up: She may have set fire to a dozen cigarettes throughout the gig, but only smoked about half of them. It was definitely for the look of the thing, although her voice did have a nice smoky edge to it.

Josje will surprise way more then anybody can foresee now ...


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