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I should start by mentioning I haven't read every comic on ModernTales and GraphicSmash, and probably won't until my next bout of mild depression (which usually causes me to seek out comics and read archives in a sitting to cheer meself up). That said...

I probably wouldn't have started reading GraphicSmash without a bit of a nudge. I just don't like violence much, particularly graphic violence, and was under the impression that GraphicSmash was rather violent.

...Except it's not, really. Between the bizarre comedy of Kilroy and Tina, the charm of Digger, the... I feel compelled to phrase it this way. Please forgive me.... the fun of More Fun, and even the very violent-sounding but actually highly intellectual Gun Street Girl, (Grr. I keep thinking of others I should list. Very well: Fans, Flex Time, The Replacements, and probably Jaded though I've only just started reading the archives of that one. And Mnemesis. And probably a couple others.) I've fallen in love with the site.

Which leads one to ask: Is GraphicSmash branded correctly? It's a very strong lineup of very good comics. But by concentrating on the Action-Adventure genre they all (supposedly) fit in, one rather wonders if we're missing out on a major block of the potential audience. I don't know.


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