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The update for Monday didn't appear on the Modern Tales front page because I had entered the wrong date in the control panel. When alerted to this, I changed the date to one in the year 2020, then didn't check that because my brain is barely functional enough to direct my laborious breathing. Then my internet connection blanked out, and I decided to bo back to bed. So it wasn't until well past noon that someone called me out of my fevered half-slumber to tell me that it was still broken.
I have now fixed it again, but because the comic has already been off the front page for most of the day, I have rescheduled it for tomorrow. If you must see it on Monday, come to the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan home page where, thank the stars, it updated normally.

I am a magnet for disaster. Every time I try to promote my comic, or take part in a cross-over event that should direct readers to my website, servers crash, the Internet gets eaten by a virus or images spontaneously corrupt or combust. This time, the first time in three years I'd actually spent money on promotion, it's my body and mind that seize up at the critical moment. My next money making scheme will be to have other artists hosting on servers that my comics are on pay me not to do any promotion — that should benefit my health as well.


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