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serfdom316-50s.pngSo I was sick and asked for guest art. Adam and Jeroen signed up for some, but soon after finishing his script for Jeroen, he got sick himself, so he needed some guest art for Dangerous and Fluffy. I was in no state to promise him anything, but I was still working a few hours a day on Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan and sending the finished work to friends on MSN just to keep up morale. Adam liked the update for December 6 so much that he asked if it could be used in D&F as one of those "Gregory reads a comic book" episodes.
The only problem with that, of course, is that ROCR isn't exactly a 1950s comic (D&F is set, albeit loosely, in the '50s). The colors are unlike anything the pulps of the day ever printed, and what with the nudity, paganism, violence, extramarital cohabitation, moral ambivolence and general disrespect of all that is proper and good, it would never have got the Comics Code Authority Seal of approval.
One problem was solved by using the GIMP's newsprint filter go create a grimy, poorly-printed look. The other issue was resolved in the episode itself — Adam managed to come up with a gag and Timm got the Gregory art done in the nick of time. It's not quite a full collaboration but it got the filler episode out there.


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