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Probably the final 'flu post

I am now optimistic that today (Monday — I have no idea when my ISP will let me get online again) will have been the last day on which I will whine about a stupid little infection this year's 'flu has affected my life and work in a significant manner. I had a bit of a relapse into fever today, but that happens with these viruses. Since I corrected the broken Modern Tales update for the second time, this afternoon, my mood has altered dramatically. To be precise, I've been between angry and enraged for the rest of the day. I was fed up with being sick, pissed off at the addled state in which I did an important and easy part of my work so ineptly, screamingly furious at the crapitude of my ISP and generally livid with rage at having to sacrifice more productive time to defeating a bug that others shake off in a day and a half, and the chores that remained undone, and the rented DVD that needed returning, and the filthy beggar hitting me up in front of the library. That said, the cute library girl who took the DVD almost put a smile on my face — the male instinct of smiling at cleavage is strong indeed and would have done the trick if I hadn't been finding it so hard to operate my smiling muscles at the time (I hadn't used them much since last week's viewing of Shaun of the Dead viewing).
... aaaaanyway, as a wise man Johnny Rotten once wrote, "Anger is an energy", and from that rage did indeed come the energy required to get on my bike (with my eyes misting over at finding that my regular bike had a puncture, but clearing again as I realised that that meant I could take the Koga Miyata instead) and actually go to the studio to complete Wednesday's Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan update. And I did actually managed to put in a few hours of easy work without feeling like crap again at the end; I left only because I was getting peckish. So with a bit of luck, tomorrow I will have my head clear enough to do some serious writing instead. There's a lot to catch up with before Christmas. I don't expect a full recovery just yet, but I'll be happy with the ability to focus and think straight.
What made this 'flu extra nasty was that I had no early warning signs. Normally, the illness creeps up on me during the day, so I know that a sore throat in the late afternoon/early evening means I'd better slow down. On Sunday, November 28, I had gone cycling (I never got around to posting a report, but Sidsel and I went around Leek, Roden and Peize for a little jaunt, taking a look at the Nienoord estate and confronting ourselves with Scottish Highland cattle in a national park), then in the late afternoon and evening I did some work on my website, had dinner and went to a concert at Vera. I was feeling great! Had a few beers but not too many because there'd be a busy week ahead. At the concert, I met Ricky "Fearless Cartooneer" van Duuren and told him I'd finally got far enough ahead of my publication schedule to socialise again, and would he mind if I dropped by at his and Barbara's place to pick up some more of their fabulous exploding Witbier? I was really looking forward to the next week. And then on Monday I woke up with my throat and ears screaming at me, and a fevered, debilitated brain. Just like that. I was robbed.

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Happy recovery, Reinder. The last week has been a high point in the history of ROCR, flu or not.

BTW, it's a shame ROCR is set around the year 1000. You should have put it around the period of the Black Death instead, you've got an obvious talent is going to waste!



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