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"Now with a Happier Ending...."

Pointed out on Deleterius

"Romeo and Juliet —the personalized romance novel!
Starring YOU and a special someone in the role of Romeo and Juliet
The ultimate romantic, wedding, or anniversary gift —now available in a personalized "happy ending" edition, with optionally your pictures on the cover! It's the way Romeo and Juliet should have been - true love with a personal twist!"

That's right, this site lets you change the names of characters in classic literature, from the Wizard of Oz to Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde to a Christmas Carol - and even give Romeo and Juliet a badly-written happy ending! Let's have a look!

[Romeo and Juliet awaken, rubbing their eyes]

Romeo What uncommon commotion stirs these folk? Ah, blessed apothecary, whose potion miss'd its mark!

Juliet And perhaps 'twas the keenness of mine love that hath dulled the dagger's blade.

Romeo What sayest thou we hasten to Verona?

Juliet Come, prince, love, husband, shining angel! Let's leave this cold sepulchre for Verona's warm embrace.

[Exeunt Romeo and Juliet hand in hand]

Oh, but wait, there's an alternate version! Wonderful.

Irreverent version

[Romeo and Juliet awaken, rubbing their eyes]

Romeo What the heck was that big scene all about?

Juliet Who knows? I just passed out for a second and everybody's losing it. Luckily the dagger wasn't sharp.

Romeo And the apothecary screwed up big-time! What do you say we head home?

Juliet Sounds like a plan, my medieval man!

[Exeunt Romeo and Juliet hand in hand]

...Please kill me now...

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Well, actually there was a point in history where people decided the ending of Romeo and Juliet was too gloomy and insisted it end happily. I forget whether it was while Shakespeare was still around.


In the tv film of the 9 hour theatrical production of Nicholas Nickleby that was done in the 80s they added an example of a bowlderized Romeo and Juliet to the story at the point where Nicholas was with a theatrical troup. Its pretty much like these versions. Funny Stuff.



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