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Memorable quote from "Ents and Trolls"

Henry of Crooked Timber writes:

As I’ve mentioned before, I much prefer it when the more ignorant members of the American right-wing commentariat limit themselves to attacks on European anti-semitism, even if they grossly exaggerate its extent and effects. It’s much more disturbing when they praise Europe than when they damn it - they invariably latch onto the nastiest and most atavistic aspects of European politics and policy.

I've seen this myself as well. The only specific example that I can think of now —because seeing this phenomenon in action makes me reach for the brainbleach and the eyeforks— was an English Conservative Commentator (who will remain nameless and unlinked) claiming to be happy that the Netherlands had finally "woken up" just as the first mosques were going up in flames, but the phenomenon is real enough.

Update: Some good comments have been made to that post. In particular, read the reality checks provided by commenter Novakant, around 3 a.m on December 14.


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