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No, no, no, no, NO, NO, NO!

Absolutely not!
I just heard that Queen (meaning Brian May and Roger Taylor - the writer of "I Want to Break Free" has been written out of history) are going to tour with Paul Rodgers on vocals. Online news reports quote Brian May as saying

We were both so amazed at the chemistry that was going on in All Right Now, that suddenly it seems blindingly obvious that there was something happening here.

which is the same PR bollocks that rock stars always spout. It may be true this time, of course. Indeed, there are worse singers than Paul Rodgers (Imagine they'd gone on the road with Paul Carrack!). A partnership between May, Taylor and Rodgers may well be worth pursuing to them, if they form a new band, write new songs and generally look to the future. But the reports show them trading on the name Queen, announcing that they will play Queen and Free material, and generally digging up the corpses of the past. I don't see anything good coming out of that.

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I find that if you ignore stuff like this it will go away and be nothing but a footnote in some future book about the band.


Hah, just be glad they didn't go on tour with, say... Joe Cocker or Ringo :-)


Hey I heard a recent live performance of Joe Cocker on npr a month or two ago and he sounded in good form... actually I'd go hear Joe Cocker before I'd see a Queen reunion.


Just not Joe Cocker going 'Bicycle, Bicycle' :-)


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