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I just adore this comic! It's absolutely hilarious, whilst being Science fiction done more-or-less straight. Wonderful stuff! How have I missed it?
Freefall is found at http://freefall.purrsia.com Read it now!

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Can you explain why you so adore this particular comic? I don't see much difference with something like Zeera the Space Pirate, or Shlock Mercenary. (Although I think Schlock is somewhat more original.)

Bo Lindbergh:

Try Eric McSnark's take on the subject: http://www.websnark.com/archives/2004/09/breaking_an_unw.html

The thing about Freefall is that it's, quite simply, one of the best-written comics out there. The use-of-language in it is inevitably spot on. New characters have fairly complex, recognisable personalities after only a few lines of dialogue.

It warms my little should-have-been-an-English-major heart.

As well, though many characters try to have a lovable rogue, Sam is the only example I know of who is both entirely untrustworthy and yet entirely lovable. (In my experience, most such characters in comics aren't actually all that untrustworthy.)

As for the other comics you mention, Zeera's quite good, but the plots are a bit rough around the edges, and it indulges in all-out silliness frequently. Freefall manages to retain versimiltude. Schlock Mercenary is good, but it has a lot more characters, and a moderate character turnover rate - this is appropriate to its plot, but it does make it harder to get to know all of the cast, and one does feel that, for instance, Elf has a lot more to her character than we've seen or are likely to get the chance to see.


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