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Buggre alle thisse for a larke, I'm outta here

I just put the final touches to the seventh Floor episode of the season. Barring emergencies, this will have been the last bit of production work for the rest of the year. I'm taking a break from the long, hard days in the studio.
Oh, I will doodle, script, study, sketch, brainstorm and put commit some of the things haunting my head to paper. And I'll probably work on the website a bit. But for the next two weeks, I will not tear off another Bristol sheet or use the ruler.
This weekend, and Monday and Tuesday, I'll read, relax, go swimming, go skating, resume spring cleaning, sort my cupboards, prepare my accounts for the next round of taxy stuff and do Christmas shopping. Oh, and I'll catch up on sleep, blessed sleep.
Then at an ungodly early hour, I'll head for England with my parents to celebrate Christmas at my brother's new digs. Internet access during those days will be intermittent at best (which is why any guest artists must have their stuff in on the 20th). I'll be back on the 27th, and between then and the new year I do not intend to leave my bed for anything other than drinks. The update for January 3 is already in the can, so I will probably resume drawing comics again around that time.
A whole two weeks off. Wow.


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