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I suppose this is lucky, but it might be jinxed

The saga of my bizarre and unexpected utilities bills continues...
I just got my end-of-year statement from my electricity company, and it looks like, what with me being, apparently, the beneficiary of a "Heffingskorting" (i.e. a rebate on taxes on electricity consumed), my total electricity bill is negative.

You heard that right. I got electricity all year, and I'm getting some money to go with that. And no, it's not negative after factoring the monthly payments. It's negative before the monthly payments are subtracted, and after they're subtracted, the negative number just gets bigger.

So I'm getting a sizeable amount of money "back" from the electricity company. It's making me feel a bit rosier about the whole privatisation/market liberalisation dealie that's been pushed through in the past decade, but pardon me if I don't rush out to spend this little windfall. Nuh-uh, it's going into savings to cover for potential unexpected bills from, I don't know, the atomic binding company that's keeping my protons and neutrons together for me. Or the gravity board. Something like that.

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Branko Collin:

The Gravity Board is mean and nasty, and known for sending bills when you least expect them, and they will turn off gravity at the slightest provocation.

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