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Comment Spam of the Conservatives.

Today's massive comment spam (I've been deleting posts for an hour) seems to have a strong conservative bias. Basically, it's a collection of random letters - a typical one might read something like

<A HREF="http://jghsdfjfh.com">iuewjhds ksdhjdsjj</A>:

But it's the fact that they seem to be targetting posts with a liberal slant. With few exceptions, they seem to concentrate on liberal topics such as Joey Manley on the election results and Conservative Civility Watch

Has anyone else noticed anything like this of late?

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Yes, I have noticed that comment spam can well up around one area. But on my blog, the majority of comment spam wells up around my PolyEdit blog and other apolitical areas that I don't update as frequently and don't generate as much traffic as my regular blog.

Adam, thanks for helping out with the flood of comment spam. However:

You didn't disable HTML. It was disabled, and you enabled it. Not that that had any real consequences.

Your diagnosis of the problem is almost certainly wrong. It looks to me like every open post was targeted. I think the aim of the flood is to defeat MT-Blacklist by clogging up the list with bogus entries. That would make running MT-Blacklist very slow indeed.

I am now closing old entries - all of them except for the very last few of them - and updating the IP banlist. I will probably set Movable Type to default to disallowing comments altogether until I've figured out what to do with them.


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