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I might as well announce it now: After The Rite of Serfdom finishes, I will make some drastic changes to the way Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan will be produced. I will follow that 2+-year storyline up with 12 shorter ones, hopefully very close to one month each. I'm writing these now, trying to get as many as possible scripted fully before February.
My intention is to Campbellize the comic for a while: that means that like T Campbell of Fans, I will (try to) get a roster of artists to draw some of those 12 stories for me, based on who I think would be best suited to what story. Of course, there is no guarantee that the artists will want to work with me, especially considering that I have very little money to offer to professional ones. We'll cross that bridge when we find it, I'm sure.
To facilitate the change, I've got an editor! Geir Strøm will help me beat the scripts into shape in record time. We're already working on the first few.

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