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History of 2005

Something tells me that this vaara character at Silt 3.0 doesn't like "leading bloggers" much:

January 20, 11:52 am – At Bush’s inauguration, a protester carrying a “Four More Wars” sign is shot dead by a Secret Service agent

January 20, 11:53 am – Leading bloggers run out of synonyms for “Yay!”

January 20, 11:54 am – Major networks cut away from footage of Bush’s motorcade to cover the shooting

January 20, 11:55 am – Leading bloggers run out of synonyms for “treason”

January 21 – The Secret Service officer is identified by his initials, P.H.

January 22 – A shadowy new group calling itself “Friends of P.H.” purchases ads on all leading blogs

January 24 – FOPH announces that its Legal Defense Fund has collected $12.4 million

January 25 – Atrios posts evidence that FOPH is funded by Richard Mellon Scaife and Paul Weyrich

January 26 – Leading bloggers shriek about “paranoid moonbat conspiracy theorists”

January 27 – Regnery Publishing gives P.H. a $4 million advance for his autobiography

January 31 – Someone on Daily Kos suggests that what P.H. did was wrong

February 1 – A DOS attack crashes the Daily Kos servers

February 2 – Leading bloggers celebrate, call the destruction of Daily Kos a “victory for democracy”

excetra,excetra. (via Atrios)


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