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Punk rock karaoke

This is how I spent part of New Years' Eve: enjoying the local punk rock/heavy metal karaoke at Vera. I didn't have a go myself because by the time I arrived all the songs I could sing were already taken, but I had fun watching mild mannered Vera staff belt out songs like "The Ace of Spades" at the top of their lungs. The band themselves were pretty good, and could adapt well to the sometimes unpredictable singers.
Check out two minutes of fame (WMV, 8 Mb), with singers they filmed earlier at a Vera staff party. The first person looks vaguely like Barbara Stok... the shirtless guy is Ricky the Fearless Cartooneer.
Searching for their website on Google, I found that there were quite a few punk rock karaoke bands already, and Barbara told me this band had admitted to stealing the idea from a New York band, possibly this one. I think these Californians got the ball rolling though.


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