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Comments, re-re-redux

Note to everyone: on substantial posts, I set the comments to open. Keeping most postings comment-free is the only way to prevent this weblog from becoming a Phentermine clearinghouse, but it makes me feel a twinge of guilt whenever I post. Blogs should allow people to comment. So whenever I do anything more than post an ultra-brief summary and link, I manually open the comments. I will be more vigilant about closing them after a short time, say, after the post falls off the front page.
Also, I've discovered the "Allow Comments: None" setting, which differs from the "Allow Comments: Closed" setting in that it doesn't show a link to nonexistent comments at the bottom of my posts. So that will become the default from now on. But I will manually open many of my posts.

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yeah - blog spammers have got to be one of the lowest forms of life ever...


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