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Wardrobe malfunction

Found via the Keenspace forums:
Mickey Rooney's backside not fit to show during the Superbowl.

Fox has rejected a Super Bowl ad featuring a Mickey Rooney wardrobe malfunction.

In the spot for Airborne, a natural cold remedy, the 84-year-old star of such 1940s staples as National Velvet and the Andy Hardy films is in a sauna when someone behind him coughs. He overreacts, jumps up, screams and heads for the door. In his rush, his towel drops, baring his buns for about two seconds.

"Our standards department reviewed the ad and it was deemed inappropriate for broadcast," says Lou d'Ermilio, spokesman for Fox Sports.

I suppose it's just as well that this ad won't be shown, because it would set a bad example for America. Sauna towels are for sitting on, not for wrapping around you. You want the sweat to flow freely to get the full benefit of the sauna in the first place. Swimsuits are a big no-no for the same reason. In a culture where people understood these things, an ad like that would not have been made in the first place.


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