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Promotion, part 1a

As often, I'm a little behind on posting substantial blog items. The good news here is that I'm getting back on track with my regular comics work, which means that in a rare departure from regular procedure, I've been able to do the higher-priority stuff before the lower. Still, I owe you a follow-up to Promotion, part 1 in which I want to discuss approaches to promoting a comic (specifially, mine. I'm selfish like that) outside the regular webcomics readership. I'm also behind on typing up a long post about my plans for the new year, which I wrote in my notebooks before leaving for England in late December. I'll get to that when I am really secure about my ROCR buffer and the ongoing work on Floor. I have big aims, but before world domination, the lawn needs sweeping, and the dishes need feeding.
There's one part of my plans that I do need to start carrying out, and I'll need help from you, the readers of Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan (those handful of you who read the blog but not the comic can ignore this). I need to increase the comic's reader base some ten- or twenty-fold over the year. To get started, I want to ask you to comment on the comic on the two listing services I signed up with recently, The Webcomic List and OnlineComics.net (links go to my profile pages on either site), and maybe add ROCR to your favorites. You'll need to sign up with Onlinecomics.net yourselves (don't know about The Webcomic List), but if you read a lot of webcomics, both sites are well worth registering with to keep track of your favourite comics' updates and discover new ones.

For the past couple of years, I've resisted asking my readers to do more than what came naturally to them. I'm not entitled to special effort on your part. But 2005 will be a make-or-break year for the comic, and increasing the readership, fast, is an important part of pushing the needle towards "make". The reader base is much smaller than people seem to think it is. Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan has been around for a long time and many webcomics fans have heard of the name. This is causing people to overestimate its importance and success (webcomics success is itself very relative, of course. I'm sure people will stumble upon this blog post, read those last few lines and go "Huh, I've never heard of him, who does he think he is?" But I've read a few things here and there which indicate that people are indeed overestimating the comic's success).
There are limits to what a little push on two listings sites can achieve. But this will only be a start. Bigger, more outward-reaching plans will be posted here in the next few months. Until then, please help me out a bit. Thanks!


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