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Call for nitpicks!

I just posted this in the Reinder Dijkhuis forum:

I'm approaching the end of The Rite of Serfdom at last. There will be about a dozen more pages after the ones I'm drawing now, in which I hope to tie up as many loose ends as possible. But I know I won't be able to catch them all, which is why I want to follow it up with a series of short epilogues. Initially, I wanted to make this a guest-run thing in which other cartoonists could come up with their own answers to readers' nitpicks, unanswered questions and dangling plot lines, but I used up my guest comic karma in December. So here's what I'll do instead: if you have a question about the 330-ish pages of The Rite of Serfdom, or if you've spotted a mistake or inconsistency that needs resolving, post it here. I will answer it in a single comic page except if it's a big enough issue to become the starting point for a new story :) Anything will go: I will have Professor Rįsdondr on call to answer questions about the biology of the various species in the Gnomian Republic, and other characters will answer questions on the story's events themselves, the Contention Wars, the Republic's history and the personal backstories of the many minor characters that appeared in the story. [...] Also, while this won't be a guest event per se, people who want to turn their quibbles into a comic themselves will be very welcome to do so indeed!

If there's any response to this at all, I'll have trouble keeping track of it unless I concentrate all responses in one place, so comments to this blog post will be closed. Post any queries in the forum — you can do so without registering.


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