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Fred Julsing, RIP

Another icon from my childhood has passed away. Fred Julsing was the brilliant cartoonist whose fairytale adaptations dazzled me when they ran in Malmberg Educational magazines Jippo and Taptoe in the early 1980s. Throughout his career, Julsing was under criticism for his writing and storytelling, but working with traditional stories like The Brave Little Tailor and The Pied Piper of Hameln, he got it right, to my pre-teen eyes. His visual imagination never failed to amaze, and his clear, bright lines and unusual figure designs, not to mention costume designs unlike any I've seen anywhere else, will stay with me until my dying day.

biography in Dutch with more pictures than the English-language version.
Julsing's new age art from the 1990s-2004.

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Golly... And we were talking about him last friday. About how he was still alive an'all...

Yeah, and vaguely wondering what he was up to.

Henk Langeveld:

I always enjoyed his work. Thanks for telling us.


Thanks for the surfing adventure! I spent a couple hours learning about Fred Julsing, and Dutch comic art history in general...
Very informative and entertaining...Believe it or not, many of the links took me to artwork and comics that was very familiar to me..


On another "final" note, Will Eisner died, January 3, 2005..
I wouldn't have found that out without your link to Julsing...
Another fine comic artist gone...

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