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I've got an answer

Lose the Delusion writes:

Eighteen bloody days! That is all it took before Robert Kilroy-Silk made the news in 2005.[...] Anyway, having failed in his ambitions to lead UKIP, he has been desperately trying to find other parties to lead. And, guess what? No one wants him. Faced with no other choice, he is now talking about setting up his own party.... And, truth be told, I would just love to see how that goes. Despite his claims to have been 'inundated' with calls to go it alone, you just have to wonder what losers would join a party set up by someone no one else wanted?

Why, these losers of course. They turned up in droves for Pim Fortuyn. (Note: these particular losers are the ones who made it into Parliament in the 2003 elections, after the LPF had started its spectacular implosion from its 2002 heights of having, what was it again, 26 MPs. So within a larger pool of losers, these dweebs can be thought of as winners and survivors, but that's not saying much, and the implosion still hasn't ended.

In 2002, Pim Fortuyn first became the leader of a group of Dutch celebs, rejects and retirees from other parties and career second-stringers. When they tossed him out, he started up again with a bunch of third-stringers and real estate development industry goons. And he got 26 of them into Parliament. I'm sure mr. Kilroy-Silk will have no trouble finding people of equal quality or better.
(Hat tip: Nosemonkey)


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