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Back, at last

Okay! Now the blog is finally back. I still need to improve the entry screens (after the events of the past couple of days, something has been chmodded so that I can't see images and logos inside the entry panels, and that annoys me a little bit), but the core functionality seems to be working. The bad news is that there will be no comments in the near future.
The one thing I didn't get to function was MT-Blacklist, and that's bad enough, but even if it did work, I'd be reluctant to switch comments back on. Just minutes after the last time I got the blog working, my Movable Type directory got flooded with comment spams, taking down not just the blog but the entire xepher.net host. Xepher responded by shutting down all MT intallations across the network. He has now kindly allowed me to switch everything on, except the comments, and I'm not going to press the issue right now because even if I get MT-blacklist working again, the load caused by the failed attempts at posting comment spams is enough to hose Xepher.net again.

In preparation for a day when I will want to try and switch comments on again, I have uploaded and installed MT-DBSL and Real Comment Throttle, as well as alerting Xepher to possible apache-side solutions and making a mental note of this Movable Type hack that automagically adds IP addresses to the IP ban list if they post crap that matches the blacklist — it may not be useful to me while the blacklist is kaput, but it will be useful some time.

I recommend that everyone with a Movable Type blog reads A Six Apart Guide to Fighting Comment Spam, Killing Comment Spam the Pete Way and Concerning Spam. But for now, no comments until we are sure we can deal with the consequences of crapfloods for the server. I will look at alternative community-building solutions.
And tart the blog up with avatars so it's easier to see who's posting.


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