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Dangerous and Fluffy team approve of Piratemonkeysinc

Mary Sue Battle at HogwartsThis untitled comic by Snape-obsessed artist Gmonkey got a "Bwa ha ha" out of Einar and a delighted "Squee!" out of Timm. It made me laugh as well when I found it in the comments to a limyaael Livejournal rant. Gmonkey is no Michaelangelo, but her interpretations of the Harry Potter characters work, and her story is funny as hell. And she knows her Mary Sues:

"Sadly, I am the last of my kind." "How sad! It must be hard for you, with all the prejudice against Catpeople, despite the fact that they have really powerful magic and stuff."

Read it. It's short and sweet. Her other Snape comics are worth reading as well.


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