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Gallery problems

I'm not sure if this is part of the fallout from my attempts to get Movable Type upgraded, but the Reinder Dijkhuis gallery is down right now. It returns this error: "Fatal error: Cannot re-assign $this in /home/rocr/public_html/gallery/classes/Album.php on line 412".
This is a bit of a problem. I haven't upgraded either the software or the content in a long time, and it does have comment functionality. In other words, it may be as vulnerable as Movable Type (with comments enabled) is.
I've contacted the hosting site administrator and will decide what to do with the gallery in a few days.
Thanks to reader starrclaw for alerting me to this.
Update: Upgrading gallery is as fraught with problems as upgrading Movable Type. The pattern is that upgrading a program of this complexity either goes smoothly the first time, or will keep you tearing your hair out endlessly. Because the config script exited with an error the first time I ran it, I can now expect to lose more of my already quite sparse hair. And for a while there, the cascade of computer errors and human errors affected the blog as well. Long story. Probly won't bother to tell it.
Update: Okay, I'll tell a little bit. I've been futzing with file permissions to resolve the problem of why a file that was in the Gallery directory couldn't be read. This was dangerous stuff, and resulted in *everything* being set to 700, ie. owner can do everything, the rest of the world can do nothing, for a while. In the process of repairing the file permissions, I have "fixed" the final errors that showed up in relation to the blog. I'm somewhat concerned that bits are less secure than they should be, and will inform Xepher of this concern later, but at least I got a smoothly-functioning Movable Type install out of it.


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