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Talkaboutcomics going down for emergency work

I dimly recall mentioning on the blog that instead of having comments enabled, I was going to refer people to the Reinder Dijkhuis forum if they wanted to discuss posts here. I was hoping at the time that I would find a way to automate this so that Timm or Adam could point people to the Capn forum. Geir would not have a forum of his own to link to, but since he rarely posts it would be easy to accommodate discussion on any of the above anyway. He could room with me.
It'll have to wait, though, because Talkaboutcomics.com, which hosts my forum and the D&F one, is also straining under the load put on it, and is going down for more emergency maintenance in the next few hours. Could be down for one or two days as well. This could be a sign from above that God wants less talk from all of us.


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