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Von on the "Pro-Torture Right"

Von of the mighty Obsidian Wings needs to fix that spelin miztaeck in the headline to his piece on The Pro-Torture Right (and let's hope that if and when he does, it doesn't break this link), but he's right to be scathing about the rabid little racists at the Blog That LGFWatch Watches:

So it goes. If you want uninformed political commentary from a guy whose reaction to the Madrid bombings was to make fun of the mourners; who presides over one of the most insular and profane commentaraits in the blogosphere; who has the fervor of the zealot without the restraining humility of actual belief; and who engages in rational thought only to the extent that he needs to rationalize the latest fact into his preset response tree -- well, by all means, read Charles Johnson.

There has been a tendency among the traditional left in the Netherlands recently to equate strong criticism of Islam with anti-semitism, and drag in World War II, Anne Frank and Auschwitz. When this is applied to the likes of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Geert Wilders, etc, etc, this is wrong and wrong-headed. These people are not going to implement a program of genocide or mass deportations.
However, there does exist a hard core of Islamophobes whose rhetoric and actions are similar to that of anti-semitic fascists. LGF's commenters wouldn't be exhibit A; that dubious honour goes to mosque vandalisers like these and the ones I reported on earlier.
They make a pretty good exhibit B, though. Look at some of the comments that LGF rewards with message persistence. No, I'm not going to sift through LGF's recent activity myself. I tried to read the first thread that Von quoted, and after five minutes I needed a shower.


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