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Another step on the way to World Domination

The ROCR mirror site now runs on Movable Type. I will change the design around a bit, fix broken images and integrate Waffle into the site, but functionally, it already does what I had in mind (apart from scheduled updates, which I will configure later.
The immediate beneficial effect is that there is now an RSS feed for the comic which should include the full comic, allowing you to read it through Bloglines and such. Adding the appropriate links at the appropriate places is another item on the to-do list.

Update: I haven't got around to making it pretty yet, but I've added Multiblog functionality, so the weblog now appears inside the front page without an iframe, which I haven't been able to do in the ROCR front page.
Why do this? Partly to see if I could, but mostly because Movable Type is flexible and customisable and I already use it several times daily. And in Movable Type, I can easily delete entries, so removing comics when they are no longer part of a free sample will be easier.
Finally, there are many pre-made style sheets for MT, including 3-column ones, so I can finally make XHTML Strict my bitch. Not right now, you'll understand, because I've copied a lot of stuff from the old version of the site, but in a while.
The odds are pretty good that I'll move the rocr.net domain over to Xepher. I've been happy with Keenspace lately for hosting the free comics, and I like the easy access to stats Keenspace has, but their system hasn't changed much since it was launched, and the Movable Type install offers a lot more control over things.


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