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Donner to back swastika ban

Update: New news reports say that Donner is only "thinking about" a ban and will make a decision in March. That's sort of reassuring, but my concerns still stand.

Just heard on the radio: the Dutch Justice Minister Donner supports a European swastika ban (link doesn't mention Donner). How disappointing.
I'm a bit puzzled by this. Donner's no fool. He's one of the sanest, calmest persons in the Cabinet. Yet he supports nonsense like this, which would probably make the likes of Prince Harry think twice but won't stop mosque vandalisers from doing their already illegal work, and won't make any neo-nazi discover peace, love and understanding.
Donner also supported resurrecting The Netherlands' old blasphemy law, which likewise has never done a goddamned bit of good. In this case, at least, he had an excuse: the law was made by his grandfather (the Donners being a hundred-year-old political dynasty in the Netherlands) and keeping your ancestors' names alive is a worthy cause. That blew up in his face, in any case, which makes it even more bizarre that he should try and go that route again. Does he just like to ban things? Does he have a banning fetish that overwhelms his calm, rational judgment?

I am opposed to a blasphemy law, primarily, because I blaspheme a lot. I oppose a swastika ban on the principle, outlined earlier that I like to know who my enemy is, and nothing says "enemy" better than a swastika*). I'm not sure what good could come out of a ban that would outweigh its downsides.

Unless... I got it. One good thing that might come out of a swastika ban in the EU is that reruns of 'Allo, 'Allo could become illegal. That's probably too much to hope for, though.

*)Yes, yes, I know about its venerable history as a Hindu symbol. Let's not go into that.
(Answers on a postcard to reinder@despammed.com)


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