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No RoCR update on Monday due to motherboard problems.

The studio PC's motherboard suddenly gave up the ghost this afternoon while I was coloring. I'm sort of covered for that: I have a good computer and a usable scanner at home. But rather than make a desperate last-ditch attempt to get the comic ready on time while at the same time refamiliarising myself with The GIMP's interface and quirks (no Paint Shop Pro on the linux machine, alas), I've decided to postpone Monday's comic to give myself time to work on other, better-paid projects and to do the work properly. I'll take the PC to the shop on Monday, and depending on what they tell me, I'll either wait for it to come back or start working on the coloring at home on Tuesday. I can't guarantee a Wednesday comic on that basis either, but at least it will allow me to stay almost completely sane, and the comic won't look like it's been colored by a blind monkey when it's done (at least not more than usually). In the mean time, I'll post the odd filler or two.

The computer troubles may also interfere with Jeroen's ability to get work done, although he'll probably be able to hook the scanner to his laptop and get it done that way.

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