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Studio computer update

The studio computer is at the store. They'll call me soon enough to tell me what they think is wrong, but repairs may take a week. That's too short for me to switch gears towards coloring the material for that period in a different application on the home machine, but I will if it takes longer.
What I plan to do now: work ahead, draw the next few pages at a steady clip and then start coloring them next weekend no matter what. Until then, I will post fillers on regular update days (partly to test the automatic updates on the mirror site and partly to give you something while you're waiting). These will look like today's comic - they'll have simple, flat colors, and be single panels or illustrations.
As for Jeroen, he's annoyed that he can't get the printer working on his laptop, but he can use it to scan. He'll be able to create his work even if he can't bill clients for it.


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