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To-do-list for the Reinder Dijkhuis webspace

I need to fix comments, trackbacks, trackback spam and subsite integration on rocr.xepher.net. Here's how things are going:

Comments: Comments will be down no matter what I do until Xepher tells me he's covered the risk of server overload. Even if and when that happens (Xepher is very proud of the fact that you can run just about any major server app on his boxes), I will still need to find out why MT-Blacklist isn't downloading master blacklists before I will open the comments again. I've gone as far as to ask on the MT-Blacklist Forum, but while Jay Allen has been most helpful, we haven't nailed the problem yet.

This is related to problem number 2: trackbacks. I can't send outgoing trackback pings. I'm sure that solving the comments problem will solve the other.

Trackback spam: I had a visit today from the same bastard who got Websnark this morning. He could fix that by installing MT-Blacklist, but I can not. So I may have to shut incoming trackbacks as well.

Site integration: The Department of Putting Things Inside Other Things has been very enthusiastic about its work, and we are now trying to determine how much is too much. There are currently three things on rocr.xepher.net that are Movable-Type-ized: The comic, the Cast Pages (but only new ones) and the Weblog. What I'd like is for all of these subsites to have a uniform look and feel, and for all of them to offer easy access to the new content on the other subsites. So the comic page should have the headlines to the blog, and a link to the latest cast page. The blog should link, at the very least, to the comic. The cast pages are best seen as subsidiaries to the comic, but they can do a better job at linking back and offering people who have Googled into them a look at the comic. The next thing I'm going to do while waiting someone to lead me to the holy grail of knowing what to do to fix comments and trackbacks is adding in some cast links, and changing the design of the comic page to make it stop looking so overloaded. That means looking at "what goes where" rather than fixing a margin that doesn't look quite right. Oh, and I'll look at the color scheme, which I'm sure is going to be the hardest problem of all...
Update: I've got the basic cast-sampling feature configured, but having some trouble deciding what it should look like or where on the page it should go. I'm not sure I can create table cells to put them next to one another in the left column (which would be legitimate because what I'm putting on the front page is tabular content), an maybe they should go into the right column anyway.


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