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Lovarian Adventures to join Graphic Smash

Just posted on Talk About Comics:
GRAPHIC SMASH welcomes STEVE HOGAN, ZACK GIALLONGO, and GABRIEL FUA to the action-adventure family!

...And Fua’s LOVARIAN ADVENTURES, born of fantasy role-playing and rich in the elements that make fantasy role-playing fun, has a quest tale of its own with old-school thrills and a sense of joy in its journey. If you miss tabletop D&D storytelling, it’s back.

And welcome to the Dark Side, Gabe! You will find your life as one of us very... convenient... to your ends.

I used to read Lovarian Adventures a few years ago, but sort of lost touch with it when it was going through a dry spell. I don't know if Gabe is going to restart it or just pick up where he left off, but I will follow it wit great interest in any case.


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