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Out of the Shadows III

The media coverage of my book Shadow continues. Today the new issue of Stripschrift, a Dutch comics magazine came out, and there was a pretty good review of the book in it. It got 4 out of a possible five !!!!'s, which is fine, I guess. The reporter noted a mistake I made which I had not yet noticed myself, nor any of my proof readers(!): on the back cover I used the word "brigade" where I should have used "divisie." In the very next sentence the reporter makes a mistake of her own: she says my grandfather was a "KNIL-soldier," which he was not. Which is rather annoying as the KNIL army consisted of Indonesian soldiers, and my grandfather was obviously Dutch.
Orders keep coming in, though I have no idea when I can get a reprint done. I'm trying to get it published professionally, but that seems to take a lot of time. I'm not sure what to do now, print a limited amount of copies for these people, or do it properly and getting it in bookstores, with a delay of at least several months.
Don't forget you can still read Shadow at Modern Tales!


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