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Share the Love: Reinder Dijkhuis Loves Michael Oscarsson's Flick

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Share the Love: Reinder Dijkhuis loves Michael Oscarsson's Flick

I've heard the argument be made that crosshatching has no placce in webcomics (I think, but don't know for sure, that it was Scott McCloud who said it, in which case I'd better send some love to that bear). The argument was that crosshatching was an adaptation to the limitations of black and white print, and that on-screen display made it redundant and wasteful compared to other, more suitable techniques. Baloney. Go tell Robert Crumb that his cross-hatching isn't a form of art in itself. For that matter, go tell Michael Oscarsson, whose Flick is a thing of obsessively hatched beauty.
It's more than that, of course. Much, much more. Oscarsson's design sense is instrumental in making his style work. But most of all, it's Oscarsson's fevered visual imagination that makes me anticipate each and every episode with urgent, uh, anticipation. Flick combines the look of stars from old movies (whose lithe, tomboyish forms are among the sexiest things in comics when drawn by Oscarsson's pen), monsters and demons that look like obscenities made flesh, inter-dimensional travel and intrigue, and a healthy dose of black, sardonic humor.
And occasionally he switches styles like this:
Krazy Kat parodies have been done, of course, but I can't wait to see how he turns this one into a working Flick story.


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