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Spam prevention link clearinghouse

Via Pete Ashton, I found an article on server-level solutions to the comment/trackback spam problem, which everyone who has a weblog that is open to comments or trackback should read themselves or forward to their web server admin.

Looking at the trackbacks to thatarticle (and this is one reason why I think fixing outgoing trackbacks is more urgent than fixing comments), I find some more links that could be valuable.
Ann Elisabeth would probably rather write about Christian issues, but instead she writes about spamming scum and offers solutions ranging from .htaccess hacks to naming and shaming.
Learning Movable Type mentions the A Six Apart article and offers additional tips for hiding. I don't like hiding much - I prefer fighting back. But when you lack time or resources...
MT plugin to munge trackback URLs.
Old spleen-venting post at Silverberry.org. Expresses how I feel quite well, and has an eye-catching design.
Spamkings looks at how good old-fashioned email spam could kill off small ISPs in the next couple of weeks. EEP!
Niclas Lindh is also getting his time stolen by those bastards. That's the worst of it really. They take a dump on your website and you get to clean it up, using time you could have spent doing your job or enjoying your family or social life. Five minutes alone with a blog spammer, a baseball bat, a rubber glove and the finest hot chillis Thailand has to offer would compensate for that, but only a little bit.

And: Oooooh, this is interesting. World Wide Wood may have the solution that makes Xepher safe for good, for all Movable Type, Wordpress and Gallery installations:

Today, I publicly released a piece of code called 'blacklist_to_modsec'. This is a fairly simple Perl script, with a bit of hastily-written documentation. I've been using it for a few weeks now personally, and today on the ProNet mailing list, I offered it for public consumption as a possible aid to those who are being deluged by the recent rash of Trackback spam.

Basically, this script takes Jay Allen's Master Blacklist, parses it, and converts it into mod_security rules. This allows you to block various types of spam before it reaches your website; for me, it has effectively blocked many trackback and comment spams, as well as spams targeted at Gallery (the latest up-and-coming trend for spammers). In other words, using mod_security to block spam crosses the boundaries of blogging software; it would help those using WordPress just as much as it would help those using Movable Type.

I'll pass it on.


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