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New and improved GIMP

Branko mentions that the latest release of The GIMP has some improved usability features, so I've downloaded it for the studio computer. We'll see. I need more GIMP practice, if only because I found switching last week such a daunting project. I worked with The GIMP for years, but that was ages ago. Since then I got used to working with Paint Shop Pro, while the GIMP changed and changed. Paint Shop Pro, however, has some horrible bugs and stability issues.

I'd install the new GIMP on my linux machine, but what with the core installation being 18 months old, I'm expecting dependency hell with that. And I haven't even begun installing that sound card, because of all my other computer-related troubles and work swampage recently. I haven't forgotten the helpful advice I got from various people, though. Thanks, and I'll get back to you.


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