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Musings on looking for illustration work

I just had a meeting with two of my studio mates about joining forces, seeking out illustration work as a unit instead of each of us by ourselves. That has made me think, once again, about my plans for this year. I've done a lot of work lately re-designing the various websites I've got, but I haven't made them into a cohesive whole yet (that's in the pipeline, though), and I haven't addressed the issue of making them into a jobs-seeking resource, which they will have to become.

The potentially most effective resource is the Gallery. I actually plucked a number of works that I wanted to use in a joint presentation from the Gallery, because that's the only place where I can easily find my older works. These are the ones I picked:

darque illustration The art that I did for the Grimborg advertising campaign. It's a dark, mysterious piece that turned out almost exactly as I imagined it even though someone else (Jamie Robertson of Clan of the Cats) coloured it.

Valentine Valentine card I did in 2002, still available from Modern Tales. In complete contrast to the previous image, it's light and clear and more than a bit sugary, as Valentines often are.

promo graphic Promo graphic for Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan, made for use on Modern Tales. In fact, I think that I will use this as part of an overview page of web-specific graphics, including avatars, filler art and any small, clip-art-like things that I've made over the years that are worth a look. There's a demand for things like that, and I've made a lot of them since 2000.

wordless comic A comic I made for a rock festival booklet. I forgot to print this one out for the studio meeting but I do think it's a good one to show. Self-contained sequential art, in black and white, clearly not for the web.

Goth kids The Gothy Kids image I added yesterday. I found it on my hard drive and liked it as a piece of line art. It's unfortunate that it was only ever used without the background, so I may decide to colour it myself and add it to the portfolio like that.

I also want to add a Floor page from a year or so back, and an ROCR page. Those will go into both a print and an online portfolio which the three of us will present to newspapers and design agencies in the area.
I found it surprisingly easy to select stuff. That doesn't guarantee that my selection is the right one, but it's a start. I don't really think of myself as an illustrator, so I was surprised to find how the illustration work I'd done over the years did add up.

As for the gallery itself... I think it could be a good vehicle for introducing potential patrons to my work in its own right. But I'd need to integrate it into the ROCR network-of-sites, and I'd have to make it much, much more appealing. Before I reinstalled the Gallery software, I hadn't done any work on it in nearly two years, and as a result of the illustration, I lost most of my style sheets and layouts. At the very least, it should have a logo, a colour scheme that fits the other sites, and a layout that allows all six albums currently in existence to be displayed above the fold. Bah. More work, and figuring out what in the huge and complex system of templates does what will be a job in its own right.

I am (slowly) overcoming the swampage. It's likely that I'll have to work on finishing the latest Floor over the weekend, but I will be able to do that without missing an ROCR update, and without knocking myself out with working past midnight. And starting next week, I will start to have more time available generally. So the time when I'm able to look ahead beyond the work in front of me is about to arrive, honestly, really, any day now. Better make the most of it.


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