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"Waffle" now a center-right blog

... at least, if you look at it in Internet Explorer 5 — not that there's any reason why you should. I'd been tweaking the site layout from home, where I don't have Internet Explorer available, and none of the web browsers that I did have available rendered it anywhere near this way.
As I write this, it's past my bedtime, and if the error shows up in Internet Explorer 6+ (not that there's any reason why you should use that either), I'll spend some of my copious spare time trying to fix it. I see no reason why the CSS should be interpreted the way IE 5 does, but if someone else does, please let me know.

Update: I eventually decided to fix the problem by migrating the blog to the MT 3 templates and working from those, using the style sheet from the ROCR mirror for consistency. That worked for the main index, but when I went to work on the individual archive template. I got a weird repetition of the headers, a "thank you for commenting blurb" planted between the two headers, and a sinking feeling that I was meddling in things I don't understand. I have no idea which MT module put all that stuff there, and even less of an idea what I will break by removing it. It would actually be easier, overall, to update the blog by hand.
I started tinkering with the style in preparation for doing something that I expected would be fun. I am not having fun, I am tearing my hair out again, and I don't know when I'll get around to starting the fun thing that I wanted to do, or indeed any productive work whatsoever.
Update #2: Notwithstanding the above, it' s not all bad. I have been able to upgrade the templates and integrate them with the look of the ROCR at Xepher site, which I was going to do anyway. The duplicated text is gone, although I'm sure I will need to bring back the Movable Type function that generated it. I don't like the lack of space in the banner area of the main page as it is now, but I can live with it for now as it doesn't look obviously broken. Ditto with the archive pages: they don't look quite right but they don't look damaged Uhm, never mind.
Also, I got a nice close look at how the HTML templates work, which will come in handy once I get around to allowing those styles to diverge again: I still want to make Waffle, but not ROCR@Xepher, a three-column site, which is difficult to do in CSS (I was going to nick Pete Ashton's solution, but found that he had simply bunged his whole blog into a three-column table. Cheater!).
By the time I'm done with the whole project, I'll have gained a marketable skill, I'm sure.


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