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Review with anatomy lesson

I really miss the old "Bizarre Breasts" feature on Sequential Tart, but fortunately Ping Teo has picked up the baton. Her review of the fantasy comic Twelve Dragons came with a free anatomy lesson. As well as generous helpings of Limyaael-esque common sense.

By the way, Twelve Dragons is a flawed but interesting read. In addition to the faults Ping found, I was annoyed while reading it by the comic's tendency to volunteer background information. Its worldbuilding is outstanding, but the way the creators wear it on their sleeves is distracting. I liked the characterisation of the baddies and their minions - they are not simply evil for the sake of it, but rather shaped and moulded by the world they're in. That aspect can still be improved further by ditching the insanity cliché, but the authors are doing an above-average job for fantasy here.

Update: After finishing the archives, I was not so impressed. There's a heavy reliance on clichés here. Still, this comic has something.


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