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GIMP vs Paint Shop Pro steel cage deathmatch

This week, Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan will answer nitpicks from readers. I will also take the opportunity, in these non-canonical strips, to experiment with my tools a bit.

Today's episode, for example, was inked with a brush pen I stoleborrowed from Jeroen, and scanned, colored and lettered in the GIMP 2.2. Like I said before, I used to work in the GIMP a lot although I found previous versions unusable for lettering. In the past couple of years, I found myself doing more and more work in the program I did use for lettering, Paint Shop Pro, because its interface and vector handling are so much better. I've always had a preference for Multi-Document Interfaces even though the experts say they're harder to use - I never found that to be the case. I liked PSP 6's keyboard shortcuts and always used to copy them into my GIMP settings. When I upgraded to PSP version 8, I was dismayed to find the default keyboard shortcuts had changed, but fortunately they had made it possible to set the shortcuts yourself, so I could fix that. It was also nice to have the various file exporters and the ability to put multiple vector objects into neatly organised layers. In fact, the vector layers in Paint Shop Pro are about the only thing I'm capable of organising neatly. In short, PSP has lots of features that I like. What I don't like are its instability and its bugs. PSP crashes a lot, and has this nasty gremlin in the Undo stack that can cause you to lose undo information so that the only thing you can do in case of a bad mistake is to revert to the last version you saved.
The GIMP, on the other hand... well, the interface has improved a lot but it's still not as smooth as PSP. The Text tools have fortunately matured a lot and are now suitable for serious use. I still don't like the layer handling much, but I'll get used to it and find some features to compensate. In all, I find myself working more slowly in it, but... it's very very stable now. It could handle the large files I worked with, could save them quickly and without fuss, always had the latest Undo stuff available and didn't crash once! Bliss! So the question then is, will the gain in productivity from a tool that doesn't crap out on me compensate for the loss in productivity resulting from it being less easy to use?
Watch this space, graphic software enthusiasts!


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