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Brush-head and her kilt

brushhead1.png Reader Martin Diehl responded to Monday's Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan comic, writing:

As I looked at nitpik1 ... I saw a surprising visual
bonus, a utilikilt! LOL. It's all in the details!


He even added a link to some pictures of his own kilts. As a SCAdian, he even teaches the proper draping of the Great Kilt. I'm sure that these pictures will come in handy for me as well, if only because of the proto-kilts I'm going to have to do research on soon enough. Also, I can already see Adam burst into a frenzy of sonnet-writing upon beholding Martin's pictures. Adam wears the kilt himself from time to time, and I know at least one reader who has a Utilikilt, so I was familiar with these.
The garment the brush-headed girl wears is not, however, a kilt. It's based on a character from the Storm book "Het Doolhof van de Dood" ("The Maze of Death") in which Ember joins an underground resistance group to rescue her friend Storm from the clutches of the evil Theocrat Marduk. Among the group is a woman with a multi-colored, brush-shaped haircut and a decidedly un-utilitarian outfit:
The original Brush-head as drawn by Don Lawrence Brush-head is grabbed by a tentacle
The bottom half consists of a bunch of strips of what might be hardened leather but could well be metal. It does not come with pockets. The rigid strips of whatever the material is flap around her legs constantly, which can't be practical. As for the top, I was going to reproduce that in the character design for my version of Brush-head, but it seemed constraining enough (without offering much in the way of protection, considered as armour) for a human being without wings, let alone a faerie who wouldn't even be able to put it on (wings being fragile). So leaving her top-free seemed more right for this one.
I used to read Storm, written by Martin Lodewijk and drawn by Don Lawrence, avidly when I was a kid. Now, of course, it all looks a bit silly, and I can't get over how badly printed the books were. But I still have a soft spot for the series and I did buy the last installment when it came out a year or so before Don Lawrence's death.
Hey, who else among the readership wears the kilt?


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