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About that house-keeping...

For every item that I've crossed off my to-do list for the week, two new ones have sprung up. For the past year (actually longer, but it only began to be harmful in the past year), I've put work first before anything else. It's that mindset which allowed me to complete a long story with regular updates, full page format, full color. But it's also caused me to neglect a lot of stuff - from correspondence to replacing household items to actually making concrete plans for the next couple of months. And now it's all coming home to roost.
The reason I mention this here instead of on my Livejournal is that some of it actually affects other areas of the job, like reprinting old minicomics and sending them to people who have them on order. I'll get to it this week. However, it sometimes helps to poke me a little bit because that takes me out of my hyperfocus... eventually. So don't be shy about dropping me an urgent email reminding me to do this, that or the other, should the need arise.

The immediate upshot of this is that I'm going to keep doing light, goofy pieces for a little while until I'm done letting life catch up with me. Then, probably in another two weeks or so, I'll be nice and refreshed and ready to go live with the next proper storyline.

Update: February 22. Today, I managed to get out of bed half an hour earlier than normal, and felt more energetic. I'll spend the day working on more of the stuff on the list, and finding other little things to fix. It'll be packed, I'm sure.


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