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Single-question pop quiz: Are you living in a failed state?

Are you living in a failed state? Find out by taking this one-question pop quiz!

1. Consider this scenario:
"On your way to work, you zip past a red light and are immediately nabbed."
Does the word "nabbed" mean:

a) "gunned down by a local militia who didn't like the look of your own militia colors"
b) "arrested by a religious police organisation run by students who were trained in a refugee camp in a neighbouring country. They don't care about you ignoring the red light, but you spend the night in a makeshift cell and are flogged in the public square for not wearing a long beard or a veil."
c) "mobbed by starving kids who think you're a UN aid convoy, because nobody else can ignore a red light without a) or b) occurring."
d) "blown up by a car bomber passing the green light from your left."
e) "fined € 25 and told to pay more attention in traffic."

If your answer to this question is "e", congratulations! You are not living in a failed state. Also, your name is probably Reinder Dijkhuis, and you should do something about your behaviour in traffic, you scofflaw you.
If your answer is "a", "b", "c" or "d", and you are living in the Netherlands, you're a swivel-eyed loon and have disqualified yourself from taking part in a sane public debate. Your name is probably Paul Cliteur. (Via the radio, will add a link as soon as I've found one)
(Update: He said it in an interview in HP/De Tijd. I haven't read the full article but I have heard the statement in its immediate context and it's every bit as silly as it sounds in isolation.)


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