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We are experiencing technical difficulties. Do not adjust your set

Update: They're getting really fast at fixing things. The websites are back. However, it's showing yesterday's comic and the manual update is unavailable, so the recommendation below, to go to one of the alternate locations still stands.

All of Keenspace, which hosts the ROCR.net domain is down with technical problems that can only be fixed at the hardware level. Administrator Kisai has posted a notice. The forums are working, presumably because they're on a different machine as everyone who hosts a large PHPBB forum eventually learns to do.
For your regular Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan reading, go to the mirror site, or, better yet, to the Modern Tales archive.

Both Keenspace and Xepher are free servers and although both of them have been very good lately, you still risk getting what you pay for. But then that also applies to you kind people reading the comic. The only thing that can guarantee regular, reliable delivery of webcomics is a subscription.


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