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Comics Curmudgeon.

My pal Danny pointed me to The Comics Curmudgeon which I hadn't seen yet ("unlike nearly every other link he sends me," he sneered sarcastically). Josh reads comics so we don't have to, and what he reads is the crap that's in the paper. A few random comments:

  1. I didn't know Barney Google and Snuffy Smith was still around. Is The Yellow Kid still around as well? Happy Hooligan? Obadiah Oldbuck? Oog Hunt Mammoth?
  2. Josh writes funneh:

    Okay, so I don’t claim to have any special insight into the creative process over at Hagar the Horrible Central, but I think the line of thought that led to today’s comic went something like this:

    1. Come up with uproarious joke involving cannibal natives and Hagar and Lucky Eddie in a big cast-iron pot.

    2. Realize that cannibal natives don’t fit into the carefully constructed and meticulously researched ninth-century AD European milieu of the strip.

    3. Refuse to give up on joke because, I mean, you’ve already thought of it, and golf doesn’t just play itself.

    4. Replace cannibal natives with random medieval-looking knights/villagers; replace pot with stakes.

    5. Taste the hilarity!

  3. You know, those Blondie sundays actually look rather good, unlike many other dead-creator comics. Funny, I didn't realise that when I was still hating it with a passion in the mid-eighties (which is when I last saw a recent Blondie). Of course the gags are pretty rotten, but I like the fact that the art has preserved its old-style feel, possibly even enhanced it. Looking at it is like listening to an eighties retro band that sounds more eighties band than anything that was actually around in the eighties.


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