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Now this, I say this is unseasonable

These past few weeks, I've enjoyed hearing people complain about the weather. The second half of February saw occasional nighttime frost and bits of snow, which was not at all unseasonal and not that hard to deal with. We've been spoiled this past decade. Being able to sunbathe and swim outdoors in mid-to-late April, that was abnormal.
Today, however, Groningen is under a thick blanket of snow, and at least one night of arctic frost (-15C) has been forecast. Buses aren't riding, schools have closed, traffic has ground to a halt. Going to the baker's today to get bread was an expedition, not just because I had to trudge through the snow myself, but because my favorite baker was himself late at the shop and I had to go to another one.

Jeroen has posted some pictures on his Livejournal:

snow more snow
snow on parked bicycles
Post some more, please, Jeroen!


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