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I'm mad as hell and I won't take it anymore

The news today as on Dutch national television (paraphrased):
Some light snowfall has caused minor problems in and around Amsterdam. Morning traffic jams were just slightly longer than usual.

In other news: Heavy snowfall is the cause of major disruption of public life in the north of Holland. Schools are closed and police recommend people stay home. This much snow hasn't fallen since 1979.

I've had it with the arrogance of the Dutch media. If it hasn't affected the "Randstad," it's hardly worth mentioning. High time to set our plan in effect: The state of Great Frysia, Groningen capital. As the major natural resource of Holland, gas, is located in Groningen, we'll have a nice starting capital. It has been calculated that if the provinces of Groningen, Friesland and Drente had separated from the rest of Holland, it would've been as wealthy as Quwait. In stead of the poorest part of Holland, which it is now.

From Lauwers sea to Dollard, from Schleswig-Holstein to the tidal marsh,
there grows and flourishes a wonderous land around a wonderous city.
A crown jewel with an edge of gold
is Groningen, City and Ommeland


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