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Snow, then and now

Because the snowfall today reminded me of 1979, I asked my parents to send me some pictures taken then. They also sent me some recent ones that they made to show their email friends what it was like. The old pictures were in bad shape - I've done a minimal amount of contrast enhancement to make them readable.


Pile of snow
A pile of snow in front of my grandparents' house. The 1979 snow was very fine and the wind deposited it in large heaps leaning against houses. This year, we haven't seen that in Groningen, but snowdrifts have caused some property damage in Friesland.

Me and my brother near a snow pile

Me aged seven and my brother aged four, next to another snow pile. Back then I was taller than him, but I was never less dorky than him, alas. Can you imagine that our parents wouldn't let us dig into the snow pile? That was so mean of them!
Jeroen recalls that he wasn't allowed to play outside at all, so it could be worse.
The idea of fashionable glasses for young kids hadn't reached our neck of the woods yet. Or at least, it hadn't reached me. On the other hand, I HAVE NO REGRETS ABOUT THE JACKET.


A sphere of snow
This particular spherical snow pile was the result of the coriolis effect. I can prove it with science!

Snow, as seen from the window
A view from my parents' living room window. The other building is the primary school I went to.

If you can't get enough of snow pictures, Jeroen's friend Glarawen has some more views from her window. They've been taken with a webcam, which accounts for the discoloration. Dutch snow is not actually purple, not even in our inner cities. The air may be bad over much of the country but it's not that bad, honest.

Geir reports that he is also cold. He's in his workplace right now and can't post to the blog, but if he makes it home alive tonight, I'm sure he will post. He showed me a report from the Trondheim area where he no longer lives, but where the mercury (Kvikksølvet) hit -38.8 C.

We had contacted a special reporter from Greenland but his physician told us he had heat stroke and couldn't write back.

Update: Many snow pics at Nu.nl. Some of the pics where people are up to their hips in the stuff are close to Groningen, but in the country.


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